Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Five Minutes a Day: Four (Ballad of the Invisible Man)

Ask what power people would like
More often than not they’ll say
After a pause, that curséd clause
“Invisible for a day.”

Heed these words my listener
Against this I’d advise
For things do tend to oft depend
On being seen by other’s eyes.

I’m forced to commit shoplifting
Each and every day
It’s not that I want to commit this affront
But no-one will serve me to pay.

Which is just as well for my finance:
I’m having trouble with my career.
When I get through to the interview
They assume that I’ve failed to appear.

My best friend thinks he’s schizophrenic
And has started ignoring me
It’s one of the choices, when you start to hear voices
His psychiatrist said to, you see.

So next time you find yourself thinking
‘I’ll be unseen, as a drop in a brook’
Before you commit, please remember that it’s
Not as fun as Claude Rains makes it look.

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