Monday, 4 June 2012

Mental maths: a few easy questions

John, Joe, Anna, and Mohammed are picking socks out of a washing machine. They put three red socks, two blue socks, and five white socks into the drum of the machine. What is the probability of them picking out a white sock?

Answer: 0%. They’re all a rather fetching shade of purple.

It takes five men three days to dig a hole five feet deep. How long does it take ten men to dig a hole one foot deep?

Answer: Three years; the men become unionised.

Alex’s bank offers him 4.25% compound interest on his savings. If he deposited £1000 in January 2007, how much will it be worth in July 2012?

Answer: Nothing; it was invested in a Greek bank.

Andy is twice Anna’s age, and in two years he will be four times as old as Colin. Their combined ages add up to 57. Would a relationship between Andy and Anna be legal?

Answer: No, Anna is a dachshund.

Robert flips a coin 100 times, and writes down whether it landed showing a head or a tails. He then rolls two dice 500 times, and records the cumulative total. What is the probability that Robert has a friend?

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