Monday, 17 December 2012

James Bond's expenses

Dear M,
I’ve attached the expense claim form for my last mission, with receipts stapled on the reverse, I know a few are slightly unorthodox, so I’ve annotated them to explain.

14th June. £450
Two nights in the Hotel Troubadour

14th June £200
Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

14th June £2, 000
Entertainment in the hotel casino.

14th June 50p
A twix.
(Turns out that haute cuisine isn’t very filling, and I was upset about having lost two grand in the casino).

15th June £50
Dry cleaning for the hotel curtains, to remove bloodstains

15th June £50, 000
Compensation for garrotting the hotel manager with a set of curtains.

16th June £4.1 million pounds
for the reconstruction of the Hotel Troubadour


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