Friday, 3 June 2011

Coming soon to a cabinet near you...

I've recently discovered a new genre of film; the political rom-com. Much like conventional rom-coms they feature contrived narratives and bumbling Brits who seem to live exclusively in London. However, once any of the characters says anything compromising, they assemble a press conference and immediately apologise, explaining that they will 'choose words more carefully' in the future.

when nick met david copy

"When David met Nick"

Can two politicians sleep with together, and still look each other in the eyes in the morning?

how to lose a no confidecne vote in 10 days copy

"How to Lose a No Confidence Vote in 10 days"

One of them is lying. The other is lying down.

If those don't interest you, there are still plenty to choose from; Theresa May's Diary, Four recessions and a by-election or, if you're a fan of cartography, Notting Hill (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea).

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